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Practice questions in SAT Math and SAT Verbal. Includes explanatory answers, slides & videos.

This is CrackSAT's question bank of SAT Practice Questions. Many of these questions have been inspired by past SAT questions. All questions come with detailed explanations. Video solutions and slide decks have been provided for a few of the questions. Solving these questions will familiarize you with different question patterns, and will also help you learn different concepts from the explanations.

The questionbank is completely free! You can access it any time, anywhere and revisit it any number of times. It is accessible across all devices. The current size of the question bank is listed below. All the best for your SAT!

Videos / Slides

numbers and operations

  1. Number Properties & Theory
  2. Ratio, Proportion, Percents & Arithmetic word problems
  3. Sequences
  4. Sets and Logical Reasoning
  5. Counting Methods, Permutation & Combination

algebra and functions

  1. Algebraic Expressions
  2. Linear and Quadratic Equations
  3. Inequalities and Absolute Value
  4. Functions

geometry and measurement

  1. Angles, Polygons & Circles
  2. Solid Geometry
  3. Coordinate Geometry

statistics & probability

  1. Data Interpretation & Analysis
  2. Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode & Weighted Average
  3. Elementary & Geometric Probability

critical reading questions

sat writing question bank

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