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Numbers & Operations SAT Practice

An often tested area – includes 5 topics. Questions, Videos, Explanations and Tips

Numbers and Operations is an important topic in the SAT and covers the following 5 topics. Here is a list of the topics and details of the concepts tested in the SAT exam from these topics. Click on the topic title to get questions available for practice as part of CrackSAT’s question bank.

11 to 13 Questions in Numbers & Operation

In the SAT Math section, about 11 to 13 questions are from Numbers & Operations. i.e., 20 to 25% of the Math section in SAT.

5 Major Topics tested in SAT

  1. Number Properties & Elementary Number Theory

    Even numbers, odd numbers, prime numbers, integers, rational numbers, divisibility, number of factors, unit digits of numbers are the main concepts tested in the SAT Math from Number Properties & Elementary Number Theory.

  2. Arithmetic Word Problems

    Arithmetic word problems from topics including Percents, Ratio, Proportion and Speed Distance Time appear in the SAT Math test. These question types test your ability to translate information provided in words to mathematical expressions and equations and solve those to arrive at the answer.

  3. Sequences and Series

    Arithmetic sequence: Finding the nth term of an arithmetic sequence, sum up to n terms of an arithmetic sequence, average of an arithmetic sequence are concepts covered in AP.

    Geometric Sequence: Finding the nth term of a geometric sequence, sum up to n terms of a geometric sequence, infinitely decreasing geometric progression are covered in GP.

  4. Sets and Logical Reasoning

    Union and intersection of two sets and three sets. Concept of subsets, number of subsets for a set. Complement of a set, disjoint sets.

  5. Counting Methods : Permutation and Combination

    Elementary counting method questions based on number sequences, rearrangements, tossing of coins, rolling of dice and letter sequences.