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SAT Ratio, Proportion & Word Problems Practice Questions

Ratio, Proportion, Mixtures, Percentage & Arithmetic Word Problems

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Ratio, proportion and percents form a part of the fundamental concepts from which you should expect questions in the quantitative reasoning section of the SAT. Concepts tested include basic ratio questions, questions based on percents, percent increase and percent decrease. Quite often you will get word problems from this topic - the gist of what a word problem tests is your ability to translate information given in words into mathematical expressions and or equations and solve those equations to determine the answer. The following is a selection of questions that typically appear in the SAT from Ratio, Proportion, Mixtures and Percents.

  1. If 3 students are made to sit in a row, then 9 students do not have a seat. Alternatively, if 9 students are made to sit in a row, then 5 rows are empty. How many students have to be seated in a row so that an equal number of students sit in all the rows and all the students are seated?

    1. 5
    2. 4
    3. 8
    4. 7
    5. 6
    • Correct AnswerChoice (B).
      The number of students per row is 4.
      Correct answer
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